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What we do #1
Business & Executive Coaching
If you are running your own business, or managing a team, you can sometimes get mired down in detail and lose sight of the big picture.
Coaching provides a supportive and confidential opportunity to discuss day-to-day business challenges as well as future plans. By building awareness of different leadership styles, and when to use them, coaching can reveal real choices and encourage personal responsibility for change. It enables individuals to become more authentic leaders of themselves and of others.
What we do #2
Personal Coaching
A one-to-one coaching session with a trusted ‘thinking partner’ can help you to explore issues or situations that are getting in the way of your peace of mind at home, or at work.
Whether you would like to define new career goals, find a better life/work balance or develop your ability to cope with anxiety and stress, coaching can help. Your coach will stimulate your thinking, providing supporting and sometimes challenging feedback, and help build awareness for action, transformation and change.
  • “Running a business sometimes one gets caught in a tangle of competing and distracting opportunities and issues; it can be difficult to see clear paths to decisions... I left every session feeling a mental weight had lifted.”
    Toby, Business Owner
  • “Louise really understands what it means to coach and not tell, and importantly she really helped me find a solution to one particular issue that felt unsolvable before we met.”
    Sheila, travel company executive
What we do #3
Coaching Young Talent
This is the generation which is shaping the future of the workplace, yet attracting, developing and retaining young talent is a challenge faced by many employers. 
Eidyia’s work with the millennial generation (and with General Z – the next demographic cohort) is based on encouraging better conversations between the workplace and the younger employees they have invested in, so that they, and the businesses they work for, can grow and flourish. Whether the need is for one-to-one or bespoke group coaching, designed to accelerate professional and personal development, eidyia can help.  
  • “Louise picked up a broad brief extremely quickly and was able to deliver an effective coaching programme within three weeks of being appointed. The programme was thought-provoking, fun and has delivered outcomes which are now being implemented.”
    Catherine, Managing Director
What we do #4
Group Coaching
Life in the workplace can be tough, and group coaching can be a powerful and cost-effective tool to build resilience and improve performance.
Bringing coaching conversations into a small group context provides a confidential environment in which experience can be shared, goals can be set and progress measured. Participants learn from the wisdom of the group and build support networks which are often as important as the interaction with the coach. 

Louise is a certified coach with The Bird Table, a national network of business development groups for women.
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