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About Eidyia
Eidyia is a London-based coaching consultancy established by Louise Rodgers. Coaching is an effective method of holding up a mirror, so that you can learn more about yourself. It provides the space you need to reflect, gain clarity and move forward, becoming the best you can be.
Coaching is possibly the best conversation you will ever have with yourself. A coach is a skilled ‘thinking partner’ who will help you focus on whatever in your life is bothering you, or holding you back, and widen your perspective and understanding of what needs to change, and how to make change happen.
  • “I would really like to thank Louise for her work with me - I don't think I would have been able to make these leaps without working through everything with her! Louise's coaching was really invaluable for me at a very indecisive time.”
    TYLER, Social Enterprise Director
  • “A year later I am implementing the changes we discussed during coaching, and still find myself referring back to our discussion”
    Shelley, freelance
    copywriter and student
About Louise
Louise is an ICF-trained and accredited personal and business coach who also draws on first-hand experience gained during a 25 year career in public relations and communications.
Since 2015 Louise has focused on developing her coaching practice through training, academic study and regular coaching supervision. She and her trusted associates support clients to think though business and personal challenges, set themselves meaningful goals and understand and eliminate the barriers to achieving these.
  • “Louise has the empathy to help one step back from the day-to-day, uncover priorities and draw logical conclusions; and she has the tenacity to hold one to account, to make sure there is action.”
    Toby, business owner